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New version of @SIBWalletBot is available for Telegram users

New version of @SIBWalletBot is available. The new version now supports P2P-exchange of Sibcoin for rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnia and Bitcoin. Parties transfer fiat or Bitcoin directly, but @SIBWalletBot serves as escrow agent for Sibcoin transfer. In case of dispute users should contact support.

User should specify an exchange rate himself. With the new version user can specify one of popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the settings as his favorite exchange and use theirs exchange rate as exchange rate for his/her trades. For example, when selling, user can specify '10%' as the value, and then 10% will be added to the exchange rate of his favorite exchange as his/her trade rate. Other users will see the calculated value.

Another new feature is an instant transfer even to those who are not yet a bot user using the voucher system. User can create a voucher for account replenishment either through an inline-request or through the 'Create voucher' menu in the 'Exchange' section. This generates the voucher itself and the link to open a dialog with the bot.