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Sibcoin Foundation public report June 2018

PR / Articles / Announcements

  1. Sibcoin Foundation CEO Aleksander Novozhenov’s article «What is going on with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and altcoins:
  2. Publication of first screenshots of Ticket Coin wallet for Gazgolder ICO:
  3. June 13th, announcement about the start of SibBazaar – a project by 3rd party developers based on Sibcoin blockchain and ColorSib technology
  4. ColorSIB web wallet update announcement (ALPHA Test 6.4)
  5. Creation and publication of EN explainer video about Sibcoin wallet
  6. Creation and publication of explainer video about Sibcoin mining
  7. News publication «Siberian Cyber Sport League accepts Sibcoin for payments!»
  8. Release of the first version of ColorSib technical documentation

Conferences / Speeches

  1. Artem Gurevich (COO Sibcoin Foundation) gave a speech about altcoin mining during an event “Legal fundamentals and legal matters when working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects” in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
  2. Ivan Korkin (Head of Community) reported from an epicentre of Money 2020 event.
  3. Artem Gurevich and Roman Bykov took part in meetup with Ian Balina, where the current market problems and situation with ICOs where discussed
  4. Roman Bykov master-class (Sibcoin Foundation crypto-evangelist), "Building non-profit funds around blockchain products and cryptocurrencies" in Token Finance head office.
  5. Artem Gurevich on IX Russian-Chinese forum in Saint Petersburg in «Business in a mining era» section with the topic «Altcoin mining – prospects, problems, potential»

Work with community

  1. EN Youtube channel launch
  2. RU Youtube bounty campaign launch
  3. Questionnaire for EN and RU communities with the aim of studying demographics and the potential to improve communication within the community
  4. EN Youtube bounty campaign launch


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