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Masternode collateral increase up to 4000 SIB

Dear friends, the question of masternode’s profitability arose in the community a while ago. The essence of the problem was that costs of masternode’s launch and support services often exceeded the return on payouts. After a long discussion, a few different solutions were proposed to grow masternode owners’ profitability by increasing the collateral. During the public vote held in July, the option of increasing masternode collateral to 4000 SIB was chosen by the community. This decision will not only allow to grow masternode owners’ profitability, but also decrease the possibility of forks during complexity swings.

And today we are happy to announce that Sibcoin Core Team has successfully completed preparation and testing sessions for masternode collateral increase up to 4000 SIB.
Decision, which was declared during continuous discussions and supported by the majority during the public vote in July, has now come into force. We thank everyone for their support and participation!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that payments to masternodes will be disabled at the time of maintenance works and will be enabled as soon as the majority of node owners, miners and stock exchanges renew the code.

Code for the update can be found through the following link:

We promise to publish instructions for masternode’s update in the nearest future! Stay tuned!