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Sibcoin - new strategy, roadmap v1

One of the most frequently asked questions was about the existence of a roadmap for the Sibcoin project. Together with Sibcoin dev team, we have prepared a new vision for the development of the coin, besides that we would like to announce an important event related to the strengthening of our team with Oleg Pokrovsky in the role of Sibcoin Foundation CTO.

We defined our goal to become an international technological platform for creation of enterprise solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The key features of the platform would be: speed, reliability, low transaction costs, confidentiality and simplicity of use.

In order to achieve the goal, an overall development strategy has been drawn up, which includes work in four directions described in Sibcoin Roadmap v1:

  1. Sibcoin Core - development and improvement of Sibcoin blockchain. Among other things it includes:
    1. Switch to the new consensus algorithm;
    2. Collateral change for masternodes;
    3. New design and functionality for desktop Core Wallet (proposal submission support to, voting support, German, French, Italian localization);
    4. Transaction speed increase with Lightning/XLN Network technology.
  2. ColorSib - solution for fast and easy token issuance that works on Sibcoin blockchain (tokenization). Besides tokenization the following products and features are planned:
    1. SIMPLE contracts;
    2. ColorSib token integration with DEX;
    3. Own DEX launch for tokens issued on ColorSib technology.
  3. 3rd Party Solutions - projects and solutions build by Sibcoin partners. For example:
    1. ColorSib support for Sibcoin mobile wallet;
    2. White Label wallet for tokens, created with ColorSib technology;
    3. Cooperation with Copay and Electrum wallets.
  4. Marketing - utilizing marketing strategy by means of PR, SMM, video. Attracting small and medium B2B clients, creating informative and educational video content about Sibcoin technological solutions for users and developers, bounty programs, speaking and participation at conferences and more.

The Roadmap of the project is a living document, which will be actualized and updated. Also, one of the important next steps will be preparing a new whitepaper in collaboration with the developers. The whitepaper will contain more detailed information about the project in accordance to the chosen development strategy.

As mentioned earlier, Oleg Pokrovsky joined the project as Sibcoin Foundation CTO, which is in fact an unprecedented event for Sibcoin, considering Oleg's experience.

Oleg Pokrovsky graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, worked as an analyst for bank IT systems in LIEX. Later he was in charge of the Automation Department in Formoza (assembly and distribution of computers and components), then worked as a Deputy General Director for IT of JSC Tekhnokhim. In 2004 Oleg had founded ROBOKASSA - the world's first automatic exchange of electronic currencies and acquiring services for online shops.

Oleg was the leading expert of the Expert Council of the Institute for Internet Development in 2015,2016, e-commerce ecosystem, since 2008 a permanent speaker and moderator of the profile sections of the Russian Internet Forum, lecturer on blockchain topics at the Bitfin 2014 (Ireland), iProf 2014, 2015 (Kazakhstan), eCom 2014,2015 (Latvia) conferences.

Oleg was a consultant for the Bitfury Capital blockchain start-up investment fund.