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Pay for services with Sibcoin in more than 60 000 companies

Sibcoin community has released new versions of mobile wallet for iOS and Android devices developed with the help of services. Now Sibcoin holders can pay for any kind of services connected to BitPay, meaning more than 60 000 companies, including Microsoft, airBaltic, PayPal, Shopify, GlobalPayments and others.

This became possible due to the feature of Bitcoin passthru payments on the BIP-70 protocol (used by Bitpay) implemented in the new version of Sibcoin wallets. Exchanging Sibcoin to Bitcoin takes only a few seconds. It is also important to notice that the support of BIP-70 protocol allows for additional transaction security for all the network participants.

Alexander Novozhenov, the director of Sibcoin Foundation said: “Sibcoin has proven itself in cryptocommunity as a useful and secure payment tool. Our goal is to continue Sibcoin’s development, enabling easy access to new technologies to as many people as possible”.